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Springtime Thoughts

   Posted by: jasoncbunn    in General

We recently returned from a family vacation to South Carolina.  It was a week on the beach and, although the weather wasn’t great, it was paradise compared to the snow and cold that is lingering back home in the Midwest.  With four children, flying is an expensive proposition and so we usual embrace as best we can the Great American Road Trip.  It can be a struggle, but it provides a lot of time to think and to plan.  My wife and I were discussing this blog a couple of times.  It started out over two years ago now as a way to “own” my name in cyberspace ( and it hasn’t gained a lot of traction in that time.  In that time, I’ve posted a little bit about my weight loss journey, raising a family in this culture and time, some thoughts on my Catholic faith, and a number of posts about my professional career as a database administrator and now a manager of a data platform team.  It’s been very inconsistent.

So, why embark on this journey again?  I think it’s important to have a place to reflect, to share triumphs and perhaps tragedies along the way, since the lessons we learn are rarely applicable to us alone.  I also think that it is good to realize that we are each a Brand of One with a set of skills, experiences, and perspectives that are unique and identifying what the brand is makes you a better contributor and a better leader.  So with that in mind, I’m going to do my best to put some more content out here.  I’ve also combined my personal site with, which is a reflection of my background as an Aerospace Engineer and my current role in the field of IT databases and data platforms.  If this is successful, many of the posts will be about how we solve challenges in the Information Technology related to the efficient and performant gathering, storing, transforming, and reporting on data.  I’m sure that as some of the spacecraft I have worked on hit project milestones, I’ll be able to share some thoughts.  And the weight loss and health journey continues, with some recent challenges, but I look forward to making more progress there.