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A Sunday day of rest

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in General

I don’t suppose when the Church established the idea of a day of rest, we’re supposed to rest from our healthy living initiatives, but that’s what happened.  Started out well enough, but today was a special mommy and daddy day for DD2.  She had an outing with just the parents and herself, no siblings, as a Christmas gift.  So, lunch out, a movie, and bringing pizza home.  Not exactly a wonderful example of healthy living, but hey, it’s a special day for the girl, and Sunday.  Back on track tomorrow.

Christmas break is now over at the office, so we begin a new year with the dreaded season of performance reviews.  The system isn’t too bad at our office.  I’m pretty protective of my 1 on 1 meetings with my team, which we try to have weekly.  Thus, the annual review shouldn’t be a surprise.  The idea is to summarize what should be obvious during the year, and to set the stage for growth in the next year.  It’s more time consuming than anything else, but a valuable part of the process.

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