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Since I took the step to claim my name on the internet and reserve for myself, I figured I would use this as an outlet for both personal and professional thoughts and opinions.  The views expressed on the blog are entirely my own, with the exception of any comments that are approved to appear which would be entirely not my own.

I am a married father of four wonderful children, ranging in age from 13 down to three.  We live in Central Wisconsin, in a town known for the world’s largest trivia contest and I’ve been told at one point the record for the most bars in a square block.  I’m proud to be a Roman Catholic, one who actually believes what the church teaches (including the hard sayings regarding marriage and family life) and tries to live it out.  My wife’s considerable musical talents have even led us to a greater understanding of the role of that particular Catholic musical style known as Gregorian Chant.

Professionally, my academic training is in aerospace engineering, earning two degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  After almost seven years in industry working for both civilian and military sponsors, I relocated here in the midwest with my family, right to my wife’s hometown.  Having no aerospace industry around here, I moved into information technology and have been working as a Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator for over nine years.  I currently manage a team of eight database administrators and two Informatica administrators, responsible for the stability, availability, and movement of over 80 TB of production data.  So, given my past life flying satellites and writing flight software, and my current world of SQL Server, DBA Rocket Science seems to be a good working title for the blog.