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Backup Share and NTFS Permissions, Too

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in SQL Server

As DBAs, backups are a fundamental part of what we do.  We live in the world of recovery models and full, differential, and transaction log backups.  We know to test our backups regularly by restoring them to another server.  But what else do we have besides database backups?

I never really thought about what happens if we were to lose file permissions.  Think about the backup locations, or script repositories.  What if all of the service accounts suddenly lost access?  We ran into that this week and it was only because the access patterns were stored elsewhere that we were able to recovery without significant issues.

As it turns out, backing up share and NTFS permissions seems to be pretty straightforward.  Based on this MSDN article, we should be able to back up these permissions and have something in place should it ever happen again.  Just another step towards a more resilient database system.

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