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January Goals and Plans

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in General

So, it’s Saturday evening, the second day of the year.  Yesterday was not a bad start.  Of course, we ended up at a restaurant for breakfast and I didn’t go completely overboard, but it could have been better.  There is so much confusion about the right way to eat.  For some, the 500 calorie “fit fare,” or whatever it is called where you dine out, is the way to go with low fat franken-food.  For others, layer on the fat, but sugar is the enemy.  Add in the vegetarians and fruit-fanatics, and basically, you can conclude eating is hazardous to your health.  I’m still feeling the waters out in that department,  generally gravitating to a higher fat, low sugar and little to no pasta and bread as the way to go.  Of course, I grew up in Central NJ, with Italian food as a way of life, and pasta and breads are a big part of that.  Challenges galore.

So what are the goals for January?  First, I want to make the changes to lose 15 pounds.  It’s a lot, but back to my half-bodyweight comment earlier, it’s a drop in the bucket, maybe 10% of what I need to lose.  The trick will be getting it into my head that I need to approach this as if my life depended on it.  Because the reality is, it does. For the diet, that means getting rid of the soda, 64 or more oz of water each day, passing on the candy, sweets, and other junk, and portion control.  I should fire up myfitnesspal again to track the food each day.  Of course it’s a pain to deal with measuring everything, but it’s less painful than the consequences if I don’t get my act together.

Other goals for this month is to set up a meeting with a mentor for some advice regarding personal continuing education at the office, read nightly with my 8 year old, and get back to 10K steps per day.  I also want to post something here daily and read one management/leadership book.  I’m not sure I will ever have, or even want, an audience, but this is more like a place to collect thoughts and ideas and a place to look back on a phenomenal 2016.

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