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Pondering direction

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in General

This blog has been out there for over six months and so far, it hasn’t been much.  I haven’t posted much.  But I still think there is value in blogging, whether personally or professionally.  It has certainly been interesting in trying to ponder what to write about.  There basically three things that I could, and probably should, write about, for different reasons.

First of all, I’m a database administrator and a good portion of the SQL Server community give back in some why.  Many people write about their experiences, their trials and triumphs, in the professional IT community as a way to help someone that may run into that issue in the future.   I’ve started to do that and will try to do more.  I’ve actually had my first article posted online, Populating a Vertically Filtered Replicated Table, on  So the blog is a good thing to do as a way of giving back, and also as a way to distinguish yourself as a professional.  If someone in a position to help you wants to see what you’ve done, just show them your blog.

A second reason to write is that I’m a Catholic father of four, ages 10, 8, 5 and 10 months.  Plus, we’re one of those wacky Catholic families that actually believe and try to follow what the Church teaches.  You know, all the hard sayings about contraception, abortion, divorce, co-habitation, etc..  While some medical issues have intervened this year to prevent us from having any more of our own biological children, we’ve always views children as a gift from God and adoption is a possibility down the road.  Catholics online are a small, but growing, group and it’s good to share what little reflections or insight I’ve gained, or what mistakes I’ve make (mostly the latter).  After all, it’s hard to raise saints, but that, quite literally, is what God calls us to do.

A final reason to blog is that social support and inspiration is key when you are trying to get healthy and lose weight.  I have about 150 pounds that I could lose.  That may be a bit too much, but let’s just say that the first digit on the scale is a 3.  I’ve struggled with this for a long, long, time and maybe, as I finally start to succeed, the story can help someone.

So there are plenty reasons to blog away.  The biggest obstacle is time, and a second is convincing myself that what I have to say is worth saying.  As for time, I can’t use that as an excuse, even with four kids.  I have the same 24 hours given to everyone on the planet, and at some point you just make the time if it’s important, even if you have to write a post with a 10 month old sleeping on your chest, as I’m doing now.  As for writing something worth writing, I did read today that you basically have write for yourself, from your heart.  Readers who resonate with what you say will continue to read, those who don’t will not, and so what?  In the end, it’s my blog, and if blogs started out as basically online personal journal, then its worth is ultimately measured by me.

So that’s my Saturday morning reflection, a first post for 2013.  We’ll see how it goes.

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