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The blog- rebooted

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in General

It has bee a few years since I reserved this domain name and it has been difficult to get going.  There’s the primary question of what to write about, of course.  Do I keep it 100% focused on database administration and IT leadership?  Should it expand to other professional or personal interests?  Should I look to share my own ideas, or use it as a venue to promote the good ideas of others that I uncover?  Plus, do I have anything worth saying and can it be done in a way deemed useful to others?

Recently, I’ve decided to attempt to restart posting my thoughts and commentaries.  There are a couple of developments that led to this decision.  First, I read a great article at on how blogging changed the professional life of Jordan Fried.  While I currently have no plans to start my own business, the idea of branding, of developing clarity and focus, makes a lot of sense.

Second, I am finding that there is a lot of value in recalling how events transpired and how obstacles were overcome and how progress was made.  There have been a number of situations where a past solution has become the basis to solve a current problem, and I’d like to capture these developments as they occur since they could help others.

So with that said, I will see how things go this time.  I am not the Australian viola musician, nor am I the monopoly champion of the same name.  And no, I’m not affiliate with the Bunn family of coffeemakers, either.  So who am I and just what will I be writing about?  Primarily, I will aim to share lessons learned, war stories, victories and undoubtedly some defeats in my professional life as an IT professional.  Specifically, I lead a team of database administrators and ETL administrators for a midwest insurance company.  We help ensure the availability and performance of over 4500 databases in both test and production systems.  My job is to make sure the team accomplishes our objectives, while building confidence and camaraderie within our group, making sure that each individual is growing into the best professional they can be.

While the focus will be technical and IT related, I’d like to consider that I live a well-rounded life with interests outside of work.  Thus, I may veer off to talk about raising children (we homeschool our four kids- two boys and two girls), Catholic fatherhood and faith (I am a life-long Catholic and I consider my faith an integral part of who I am), or even health and wellness (I have a long running struggle to win the battle of the bulge, and may occasionally share how that is going or other insights from our small business that has sold over $1.5 million in wellness products online over the last 10 years).

If in the end there is an audience for my musings, and even better, a conversation, that’s great.  But at present, my primary motivation is to make this a habit, to produce a body of work that can be a record of growth and achievement, and to gain those insights that come from an examined life.

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