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Turning a Page

   Posted by: jasoncbunn   in General

Wow…big milestone today. Turned forty years old. 40 years since the summer of 1975 when I came on the scene in Newark, NJ. It has been a good ride so far. After 17 years growing up on the Jersey Shore, I was able to attend MIT for five years, graduating with a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

During that time, I was able to spend a few summers at JPL working on the Cassini spacecraft, which successfully launched in October 1997. By that time, I was in California working for Lockheed Martin, flying satellites for the Air Force. 2000 found me in Maryland working for Johns Hopkins University on several NASA projects, among them New Horizons that just flew by Pluto.

In 2001, the situation changed as I met my wife online. We were in Maryland for three years, and then moved back to her hometown in Wisconsin. That necessitated a change in career as there are not many aerospace opportunities here in the Northwoods. I moved into IT and found myself in the world of SQL Server database administration. Prior to 2006, I hadn’t working on any modern IT system and all of my programming work was in a quite different world of real time programming and embedded processors. But, I dove in and grew into a proficient DBA, advancing to lead a team of DBAs and Informatica Administrators in 2013.

Which brings me to today, almost two years into the management job, turning 40. I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful woman, we’re raising four children in a safe and vibrant community. We are proud to be Catholics and strive to make the faith part of our everyday life. I have a fantastic team of IT professionals working with me to manage nearly 100 TB of production data and an active Informatica ETL environment. Physically, I’ve arrived at 40 with everything working pretty well, although I do have quite a bit of weight to lose.

I’m restarting this blog for a few reason. I am convinced that taking the time to write and reflect is a good way to clarify your thoughts and emotions. It’s good to plan, and to see how far you progress. The occasional good idea is often lost when not put into writing. So we’ll see what happens. I usually conclude I don’t have anything to say, but once I conclude it’s for me, it may become easier to write and if it’s helpful for someone, so be it.

So I’ll be capturing the good ideas we have to advance the state of database administration at the company, sharing the journey to fitness for myself and the family, and probably share what it’s like to live as a conservative, orthodox Catholic in a culture that is increasingly hostile to such an opinion.

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