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Week in Review 11/5/17

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November already… time keeps marching on.  It’s always a sad day when standard time returns; it gets dark so early.  This year one of the maple trees is hanging onto about half its leaves so it will be cold when the fall cleanup is done.  There’s so much more that can be done outside, but it is not a priority with four kids in school and both parents on their own education journeys, not to mention either full or multiple part time jobs.  Something has to give and often it’s the outside maintenance.  Frustrating for the neighbors (both of whom are retired) I’m sure, but they have to just deal with it.

There are news reports that Pope Francis is exploring the idea of a married priesthood.  I can’t imagine that being a good thing– there are so many burdens already on a priest’s shoulders.  They engage in the full spectrum of life’s journey, from baptism to funerals, highest joys and deepest sorrows, facing mankind’s greatest and worst endeavors, every single day.  So somehow it is a good idea to add the burdens (and joys) of marriage and family life?  I find it hard to believe this will do anything to solve the priest shortage without creating another type of crisis.  But, it’s just another reason I’m glad I’m not in charge.  Pray for the Holy Father.

The weight loss train is inching ahead after a couple month stall.  At least this week has shown some good numbers.  Our detox program with our functional medicine doctor begins tomorrow.  In a colossal act of poor planning, we signed up for a detox that runs through Thanksgiving.  No caffeine, grains, sweets, dairy, or eggs.  I’m scouring the internet for alternative recipes that don’t sound like you need a chemistry degree to sort it out.

As of this afternoon, I’m down to my last courses towards my MBA as I finished up Business Analytics.  The rest of the quarter will include the remaining weeks of the New Business class and the executive capstone.  Full steam ahead towards December 17.

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